Physician’s Role At Time Of Death

Sohail Akhtar, Abdul Majeed Memon


Physicians deal with dying patients frequently. A lot is expected from them. Apart from managing the illness including making the last moments of the patient’s life pain-free as much as possible, the physician is responsible for counseling the relatives, breaking the news, and for consolation. Most doctors do not get training on these aspects in either the medical schools or afterwards and find such situations difficult to handle. Physicians need to avoid doing too little when it can matter, or too much when there is no hope. Restoring faith can help the patient as well as the family in coping with such extreme situations. One can learn from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) how to deal with a dying person on a human level, as well as how to beprepared for death by supplication and reading Qur’an.

International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 02 No. 03 July’18. Page : 126-130


Death; dying; comfort care; hospice; terminal care

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